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Instruments in the style of Native American Flutes

Sorry no Kokopelli Buck discounts available on these items.

Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec

Spirit of the Woods Flutes are dipped in a non-toxic finish to protect them. To keep your flutes finish looking nice, I recommended using Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish (click here for more information ).
It is recommended that your flute be kept away from extreme heat source such as a closed up car on a hot day etc. Your flute has been tuned in the recommended 72 degrees for accuracy. The best playing weather would be temperatures between 65 - 95 degrees.
In order for the flute to play properly the block must remain in the proper position and tied on securely. Each flute purchased comes with a diagram on how to position the block. If you still have problems properly positioning the block just give me a call and I will explain.
Learn to breath dry air into the flute. Excessive moisture will cause the flute to play poorly. If this happens... Turn the flute upside down and shake the moisture out then allow the flute to air dry a while.
When you get your flute I recommend giving it a break in period of about a week. During this break in period keep your playing to a minimum and try not to water out the flute.
Although the finish is safe after 3 days it will continue to harden over the next couple of months. As the finish cures the sound quality will gradually change for the better. I tell people the flute just keeps getting better with age.



When you hold the Native American Style Flute (especially the larger bass flutes) you want to turn your wrists in slightly so that the sides of your index fingers gently touch the sides of the flute.
This puts your fingers at a slight angle so it looks like your fingers are pointing towards the foot of the flute. When your fingers are positioned this way it opens your finger stretch.
This will allow you to play bigger flutes much more easily.
You also want to be aware of how your fingers cover the holes. You want to use the pads of your fingers (where your finger print is) not the tips of your fingers.
This gives you a much better seal.

When first starting to learn how to play:
I recommend to people just starting out to take there flute to a mirror and while watching your fingers in the mirror, play the basic scale up and down 3 times, then turn away form the mirror,
close your eyes and play the basic scale 3 more times. What this does is it helps your subconscious remember, not only where the finger holes are located but also helps to remember the sound that is produced from each hole.

Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Gift Certificate


Gift Certificates are now available from Spirit Of The Woods Flutes.
They are available in any amount, $10.00 and up. Give someone a special gift to help them get started on their flute journey or to help add to their collection.



These solidly built and handsome custom racks will accommodate all your
Spirit of the Woods flutes safely, and display their beauty for everyone to appreciate fully.

Find out more....


Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Hard Cases
Left to right - 3", 4", 6" and Triple

In an agreement made between Mark Slater, owner of The Flute Case Store, and myself, I am proud to offer these wonderful hard flute cases professionally made in the USA.
These cases come in single standard sizes of 3" x 28", 4" x 28", and 6" x 33" and a custom order triple standard size of 3 - 4" tubes x 28".  Special size orders can be placed, however, there will be an extra waiting period for custom orders and additional cost for extra length.
All cases come with adjustable shoulder straps and are all fully lined to help protect your flute from scratches.  The triple comes with a double backpack harness.  The 6" case comes with a padded strap.  The 4", 6", and Triple cases all come with leather palm grips.  The 6" case also comes standard with a nice side pouch.  Many different colors are available however do to the high demand of these cases you may want to call for inventory of the color and sizes that are available at present.  To read more on each individual flute case please visit The Flute Case Store @
3" price is $40.00 plus S&H
4"    price is $49.00 plus S&H
6"    price is $95.00 plus S&H
Triple  is $110.00 plus S&H
It is highly recommended that you use protective flute sleeves on the flutes when carrying them in the hard cases to help prevent scratches.


Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec The Bear

"The Bear"  Double 6" case with pocket and hidden backpack straps.
The BEAR backpack case is designed for the flute player/recording artist who wants to safely transport a large number of flutes. Each case consists of two six inch crush resistant PVC pipes covered in dense Cordura Nylon and lined with a polar fleece. Each has a heavy grade leather carrying handle and built in backpack straps (stored in a convenient pocket on the back of the case) for easy transport. To reduce the risk of damage, each flute case has 3/4" of dense foam padding in the top and bottom. Each case is 36" long but can be custom ordered to accommodate special needs. Please allow six weeks delivery on special orders.
Bear - 12" x 36" price is $185.00 plus S&H


Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Understanding the Gift

The Native American Flute: Understanding the Gift

A 104 page instructional text including 25 sheet music scores for the 6-hole Native American flute with a companion 39 track CD.
It’s a comprehensive guide and permanent resource for all students of the Native American Flute. All instruction is offered in a pleasant, concise and easy to understand language and format for learning to play. It is a Book that will answer a large and growing demand for a text and CD to benefit all of the following:
The Beginner who has little or no experience playing a musical instrument,
The Intermediate player who wants to fill in gaps and add to his or her knowledge of how the Native American Flute works, how music works, and how to put the two together
The Advanced player who wants to teach others how to play but up until now did not have a clear-cut format to do so.

Part 1 includes chapters with information on:
Finger Control, Breath Control, Embouchure, Tonguing and Slurring, The Native American/Pentatonic Scale, How to Create your own melodies, Ornamentation, Lessons on Duration, How to read printed music and Tablature, The Major scale including analysis, Useful scales for developing technique, confidence and creativity, Care of the Flute, How to Practice successfully, Glossary of Terms, Understanding Pitch and Rhythms, and Subject Index.

Part 2
includes 25 songs:
Native American, Traditional, Folk, Contemporary and Original in written tablature and performed in the CD.

About the Author:
John Vames has been teaching and playing music professionally for over 30 years. All the ideas and suggestions in "Understanding the Gift" have been tested in private lessons and class sessions. There are more than 500 students playing Native American Flute today who are living proof that the materials in this book work! It will work for you!

Cost: $28.95 plus $6.00 S&H in the United States

This Book can also be purchased at by clicking on the following link....

Purchase at


Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Beeswax Salad bowl finish

Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish

The following information is from Clapham's Beeswax Products LTD.  Visit their site to see even more wonderful products from Clapham's.

This is an edible finish for salad and fruit bowls, cutting boards, butcher's blocks, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops (wood or stone), children's toys and cribs. It is really easy to use. Apply it very thinly. You can use the bowl immediately afterwards if you like, or you can leave it overnight and then buff it with a cotton cloth for a nice soft shine. We recommend this finish for decorative painted surfaces.
Clapham's Beeswax Products have been full time beekeepers in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.  In 1986 Roger Clapham's mother Veronica presented them with her wonderful recipe for beeswax polish, and they have specialized in beeswax ever since.
Beeswax is one of the most interesting, versatile and functional products in nature.  It is made by young worker bees only during the first three weeks of their lives.  They gorge themselves with honey and then secrete the wax in tiny white flakes from a gland in there abdomens.  These flakes are then molded and sculpted into the beautiful honey-comb which makes there home.
Cost: $6.75 for each 2 oz. jar plus $4.95 S&H in the United States

"I've used this product for years and found it to be very user friendly, safe, and an all around wonderful product. This product is compatible with my flute finish and will help protect the wood and keep it from drying out, promoting longevity. Used sparingly this small jar will last a very long time. When you apply just a thin coat it will bring out the woods natural color and if applied more heavily can give your flute a more gloss shine. Just apply a thin coat of the finish with your finger, allow to dry over night, then buff with a soft cloth. I highly recommend this product."
Ed Hrebec

Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Flute Sleeves
Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Flute Sleeves
Click images to enlarge


Each Spirit Of The Woods Flute comes with a nice, professionally made Flute Sleeve at no extra charge.  They are made in the USA, and are a $10.00 value.  These flute sleeves work very well when placing your flute into a hard tube protective case.  These sleeves help prevent scratches when transporting several flutes in a single hard tube case.  The Sleeves are made out of Craft Velour.  This material is silk like on the exterior and felt like in the interior.  The sleeves have ties to secure the flute inside.

If you have further questions or need additional information contact me at….




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