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Instruments in the style of Native American Flutes

Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Endorsed by Mark Holland

Endorsed by Mark Holland/Autumn's Child

"What a beautiful honor to receive flutes from Ed!"

"Spirit Of The Woods Flutes convey the beauty of nature and the
Northwest... Ed's flutes sing with clarity and strong voice. I love the big sound found in his flutes along with the precise tuning and clean tonality. These Plains-Style flutes are one of a kind. 

Ed is a skilled and gifted craftsman in a class of his own, making flutes with a unique sound and look. Ed is also very personable and helpful to the client and offers flutes in every key from High A to Low F#.  Amazing!
S.O.T.W. Flutes are easy to control from loud to soft without jeopardizing the intonation.  I have added all of his 28 keys to my collection and am finding good use for them in concerts and recordings."

blessings, Mark Holland/Autumn's Child

2010 Winner of Indian Summer Music Award (Wind & Fire)

2010 Nominated for Native American Music Award (WInd & Fire)

2006 Just Plain Folks Music Award Nominee (Best World Music Album) "Progressive World".

2006 Just Plain Folks Music Award Nominee (Best Native American Song) "Good Things Happen When It Rains".

2006 Just Plain Folks Music Award Nominee (Best Native American Song) "Wacheva".

2006 Indian Summer Music Award Nominee (Native Spirit Category) "Visions & Dreams".

2004 Native American Music Award Nominee (Native Heart category).

Native American Flutes by Ed Hrebec Endorsed by Mark Holland

Endorsed by Mary Youngblood

"Ed's, Spirit of the Woods Flutes, play as smooth as butter!"
Mary Youngblood

"First Lady of the Flute":
Two-Time GRAMMY Winner and EMMY Nominee Mary Youngblood, is the first Native American woman to have received a Grammy Award for "Best Native American Music Album" and the first Native American person to have won two Grammy's which makes Mary one of the premiere Native American musicians in the country. Winner of numerous awards, Mary garnered the 2002 Grammy for Beneath the Raven Moon and the 2006 Grammy for Dance with the Wind.

2006: Grammy Award ~ "Dance with the Wind", Best Native American Recording
2005: Grammy Nominee ~ "Feed The Fire", Best Native American Recording
2004: Native American Music Awards
2002: Grammy Award ~ "Beneath the Raven Moon ", Best Native American Recording

Additional Awards:

  • Artist of the Year
  • Flutist of the Year
  • Best Native American Recording from The Association for Independent Music (INDIE award)

2001: Nammy's

  • Flutist of the Year
    Best Female Artist
    Best Compilation for "Wolves"
    Best New Age Recording for "Heart of the World"

2000: Heart of The World, won many top awards:

  • Best Native American Recording ~ from both AFIM and NAV Radio Awards
  • Best new Age Recording from both and Native American Music Awards
  • INDIE awards 2000, (The Association for Independent Music)

1999: The Offering, Flutist of the Year, NAMMY 1999

flute player

Endorsed by Peter Phippen

“My Spirit Of The Woods Flutes have a strong, bright, clear and robust tone and are exquisitely tuned. I have only been endorsing three flute makers but I have just added a fourth. Ed's Padauk Ultra Low G# is the sweetest sounding Native American Flute I own!"

Peter Phippen
2003 Native Music Award Nominee (Native Heart Category)
World Flutes Specialist/Canyon Records Recording
Artist/Independent Recording Producer
2007 Native American Music Awards Nominee (Native Heart Category)

Listen to Peter Phippen as he plays his new song, "Bear", on his Spirit of the Woods Flute a Padauk Ultra Low G#!

Click here to listen to "Bear".

Endorsed by Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl

"Ed's flutes are delightful creations. The voice is beautiful,
the craftsmanship is refined, and the tuning is consistent.
I am pleased with my Spirit Of The Woods Flutes.
Thank you, again Ed!"

"Ed Hrebec of Spirit of the Woods Flutes is one of the finest flute makers today! I love my Spirit of the Woods flutes! His attention to detail and customer care is outstanding. In addition to being an excellent flute maker, he's an honorable, kind, and generous individual. His fine flute making is paired with a wonderful heart and spirit. Ed Hrebec has my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION as a flute maker, a businessman, and a person!"

Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl
Executive Director of World Flute Society
Former Executive Director, Editor, and Publisher of The International Native American Flute Association and the "Voice of the Wind".

Click to read a biography of
Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl

flute player

Endorsed by Jan Seiden 

Dear Ed,

I absolutely love your D# flute! Its strong, elegant lines and velvet feel are only the beginning of experiencing its magic. Its voice carries an old spirit, it carries me and every listener on exquisite journeys. And it keeps getting better!

Playing is effortless, your flute needs only a little air to sing yet can take a large volume of air and still sound just as good, no distortion in its voice. I can play the most delicate high note and it sounds sweet and full, or I can really emphasize a note and it sounds true and stable. Its tuning is right on, each note, each scale. Your D# records the most effortlessly and truthfully of all my flutes that I have recorded with. What I heard was what I got!

I look forward to growing my collection of Spirit of the Woods Flutes.

Thank you for living your vision, your flutes are an incredible gift!

Peace and Blessings,


2009 Native American Music Award Nominee (Native Heart category)
2009 Indian Summer Music Award Nominee (Native Spirit category)
2004 Indian Summer Music Awards nominee for solo recording Woodland Winds, Flute Journey Records
2002 First Place winner Musical Echoes Native American Flute Competition, Traditional Solo Category

flute player

Endorsed by Rona Yellow Robe 

I love my Spirit of the Woods flutes. I feel very connected to my flutes for many reasons. This is the first time I have had flutes made just for me. When I told Ed I wanted an F# and a Double Flute in D, we talked about the creation of my flutes and he knew what wood would be perfect for each flute and for me. I called Ed, and we spoke throughout the process of the dipping of my flutes. I didn't know he was getting ready to dip them when I called, and he played my Double flute for me before he dipped it. I couldn't wait to get them. When they were delivered to me, I couldn't wait to play them. I have already used them in my performances and they play beautifully. I am proud to show them and play them.

Because I use many other instruments in the creation of my music, it means a lot to me that my flutes are able to meet the precise tuning standards, and my Spirit of the Woods flutes easily meet those standards. Their natural beauty is pleasing to the eye, and their sound is clear and precise and pleasing to my ear. Yes, let the tree speak for itself, or should I say sing for itself.

If your reading endorsements to decide whether or not to get a Spirit of the Woods flute, I say go for it. I had never met Ed, and still haven't in person, nor had I heard his flutes before, but in only talking on the phone with Ed, I knew he believed in his flutes. He was not hesitant to tell me of the high standards he holds as a flute maker as well as a flute player. Ed explained thoroughly the process in which he makes his flutes, and what meant a lot to me, was his love of making them.

As I play my Spirit of the Woods flutes, they play me. My audience is moved. I am happy. I love my Spirit of the Woods flutes.

Peace & Love,
Rona Yellow Robe

flute player

Endorsed by Dr. Michael DeMaria

"Quite simply Ed Hrebec has entered the class of Master flute makers. I don't use that phrase lightly, but after receiving my first Spirit of The Woods Flute - a gorgeous claro figured walnut High B - I examined it careful and put it through its paces and this flute is amazing! The quality, the craftsmanship and musicianship are all top notch. It truly is masterful and I'm thrilled to be looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with Ed on providing me with a number of hard to find woods and keys for my future recording and performance needs. I feel honored to own one of his flutes - a true work of art and a exceptional concert quality instrument. As you can see by the photo, I love Ed Hrebec's Spirit of the Wood flutes. I love them so much I had a special rack made to hold them - all 7 of them. These are extraordinary instruments. They sing and dance like the wind. Ed is a master craftsman who makes concert quality instruments that have soul. One of the most amazing things about these instruments, aside from their rapid fire responsiveness, their full bodied sound and elegant design, is they just keep getting better the more you play them. I've been playing Ed's flutes now for a few years and everywhere I go and play them people want to know where I found these rare gems. Thanks Ed and keep up the great work!!"

Dr. Michael DeMaria
Recording Artist


flute player

Endorsed by Ann Licater

I recently had the exceptional opportunity to purchase my first Spirit of the Woods Flute. It is beautiful in tone and character. It is spot-on in tuning and has an absolutely beautiful voice. I can tell this is a special instrument and am looking forward to recording and performing with it.

Thanks Ed for your great customer service too. It is clear that you love what you do!



Kevin Village Stone

Endorsed by Kevin Village Stone

I own many flutes from a variety of makers but Ed’s flutes are uniquely a cut above. His attention to detail, craftsmanship, and sonic quality are without question the best I have encountered so far. He was easy to work with and even with the large selection of options on his website, he was very helpful in creating custom inlays for my flutes that make them my own. His expertise and advice were invaluable in choosing the best design and materials.
The tones are pure and precise without being brittle. They are clear and balanced with a consistent warmth across the scale. I have already discussed with Ed my next custom flute and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do also. He is a pleasure to work with and his workmanship is exemplary.

Kevin Village Stone – Composer, recording artist, 2007 Native American Music Awards nominee

flute player

Endorsed by Jeff Ball  

"I am thrilled with my flutes by Ed Hrebec. His voicing, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is exceptional.  If you've been searching for a flute to capture a color or emotion, which others have failed to deliver, try one by Ed... You won't be disappointed."      
Jeff Ball
Red Feather Recording Artist
Native American Music Award Winner 

flute player

Endorsed by Jan Gippo 

"I saw Ed Hrebec's flute when Mark Holland performed
on my radio show. Of all the flutes, Ed's was the
most beautiful in sound, wood and workmanship.
I asked to buy one as soon as I heard Mark play it.
I'm very honored to own such a fine instrument with
such a rich and heartfelt sound."

Jan Gippo
Flute - Piccolo
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

flute player

Endorsed by Charles Littleleaf
"Spirit Of The Woods Flutes are like the Great Eagle above. These works of art have grace, beauty and a magnificent spirit, all in one. He is gifted, and a natural, when it comes to creating Native style art. I will be very proud to incorporate Ed's flutes into my next recording."

Charles Littleleaf - Native American Music Award Nominee, Native American Flutist / Recording Artist
and Flute Maker

flute player
Endorsed by Maria Kostelas
"Right away I knew my low A would be a special flute.  Initially it was the beauty of the mahogany wood with Ed's attention to detail that impressed me.  Then I found myself appreciating the flute even more:  the richness of the tone, the perfection of tuning, and the ease of playing  made it a flute that I use regularly.  I can count on Ed's flutes to play without squeaks, or watering out, and be entirely confident it will perform perfectly.  And better still is the rich tone that when amplified sends audiences to deep places that only a good flute will do.  What could be better?"

Maria Kostelas
Performer, Recording Artist

flute player

Endorsed by Wolfsheart

Dear Ed,
"If music can open up a door to the universe, this flute is something like a spiritual key and a message to the cosmic mind. Eds flute is a bright shining star on the horizon of dedication and knowledge. Shine on forever, dude."


flute player

Endorsed by Jeff Martindale

"As a performer and recording artist, I am very selective and methodical about the instruments that I use; the tuning must be precise and consistent, the construction should be of high quality and resistant to splitting, the instrument should be highly resonant in sound quality, and the flute should be artistic in its design. I can confidently say that Ed Hrebec’s flutes at Spirit of the Woods Flutes have all met my expectations. I have been using Ed’s flutes for several years and they accompany me to every performance. Spirit of the Woods’ flutes are very resonant and have the ability to play extremely well softly or loudly; this quality is invaluable for full range of expression on a Native American flute. Ed’s construction is one of the best you can find. His carvings and inlays are also some of the most precise that I have seen on a Native American flute. I highly recommend Spirit of the Woods Flutes and will continue to use Ed’s flutes in my performance and recording engagements."

Jeff Martindale, Ph.D.

flute player

Endorsed by N. Scott Robinson
"Spirit Of The Woods Flutes are professional quality musical instruments. Excellent tuning and tone quality.  Beautiful craftsmanship and tasteful, decorative art work. They're so good, even I started playing the flute and I'm just a percussionist!"
N. Scott Robinson
World Percussionist

"N. Scott Robinson is a very talented and well known world percussionist. What many don't know is that he also plays the Native American Flute. I've been told that he can hold his own when it comes down to playing the flute."


flute player
Endorsed by Saggio
"My Spirit Of The Woods high B is a little flute with a big voice.  It's a real Mighty Mouse among flutes, tuned beautifully and eager to jump into the mix.  I'm using a Boss Loop Station in live performance, so now I can lay down a loop with my bass B and let my Spirit Of The Woods high B surf in on top of it.  The voice is so powerful that I have to back away from my microphone!
Flutemaker, Ed Hrebec crafted this flute from a wonderful piece of lightning struck Juniper.  I always search for personal messages in  the grains and knots of flutes that come my way.  Staring out at me from a little knot was an image of a Grandfather Owl.  So now this is my Owl Flute.
Ed did something for me in the making of this flute that  no flutemaker has ever done before.  He listened to my flute CD's while crafting this flute, so that our energies would unite in its making.  Now that's a personal touch that I'll always cherish.  And I'll cherish Ed too, who treats each of his flutes like beloved puppies deserving a good home."

, Apache Junction, AZ
Recording & Performing Artist

flute player

Endorsed by Scott August

"Spirit of the Woods Flutes have a wonderful quality to them. The tone is very soulful and rich, yet clear. From the players perspective, they are very responsive to the fingers and handle rapid tonguing effects extremely well. The tone is consistent from the bottom note to the top note without having to change the breath pressure like one has to do on some flutes. The tuning is superb from note to note. On top of that they look incredible and the fine workmanship is obvious at a glance. I always get comments from people about how attractive they are. Ed has done a wonderful job with his instruments. From the range of wood choices, the quality of the construction, the look of the flutes, to their wonderful sound and tuning, these instruments are top notch. There are lots of flutes out there that look nice but fail to meet the demands of the studio and stage. Spirit of the Woods Flutes, with their consistent tone quality and construction, excel at both applications."

Scott August

2004 Native American Music Award (Native Heart category).
2002 Native American Music Award Nominee

flute player

Endorsed by Austin O'Malley

"Dear Ed:
The high D is a finely crafted sounder that is accurately tuned, free blowing and capable of producing a transparent note. The flute produces a vivid sound full of vibrancy, that can be easily articulated. The high D is a chamber of pure tranquility, yet highly spirited. It is truly awe inspiring, that such a small creature can bring forth such a voluminous precise sound. You are to be commended for your attention to detail.

In the animal kingdom, a drone is a male bee that is stingless, performs no work, and whose only function is to mate with the queen bee. What a noble existence!

In the flute kingdom, a drone is a chamber attached to a flute that
produces a sustained tone in the key or complimentary key of the flute.

At the stroke of 12, I literally began 2004 with a purchase of your first drone. It is an honor to own a first of anything that has been crafted by Ed Hrebec.

As for this A minor honeybee, it responded with a smooth and
mellifluous voice. The drone note is so right on, it is virtually indistinguishable from the fundamental. It remains true over the entire range of the flute never becoming pitchy or obtrusive. The integration of the offset mouthpiece is well-conceived facilitating control and comfort of use. The turquoise kokopelli inlay work is as meticulous and precise, as the medium of Port Orford Cedar will allow.

As with all Spirit Of The Woods Flutes, it is the exquisite voice and
playability that has become your hallmark. The drone flute is dependable, reliable, and consistently satisfying to perform on. The expressive qualities of this new A minor drone make for a transcendental experience. It has been said that the "drone" vibrational pattern opens our spiritual heart, allowing our indwelling presence of being, our spirit, to rise forth unimpeded.

What a blessing to find a flute maker that can produce a masterful work of art, capable of eliciting all of the subtleties, nuances and idiosyncrasies that these ancient instrument's were endowed with."

Ed, your flutes are "all there."

Gratefully yours,
Austin O'Malley

flute player
Endorsed by John DeBoer
"I have been a professional flute player for over 20 years, have worked with 30 million seller groups and own some of the finest flutes in the world.  Ed (Spirit Eagle) of Spirit Of The Woods Flutes is a quality flute creator.  It was my pleasure to add his flutes to the small group of professional flute makers that I recommend, own, and promote on my albums and in performance. 
These Magic flute makers are unique!  They produce flutes that are perfectly harmonically tuned, have great tone, good volume, solid construction and all guarantee there work unconditionally.  I have literally played hundreds of Native American Flutes and many of them are fine for playing by yourself in the woods or for personal use, but very few of the flutes are produced at the professional level and are Mystical Native American Flutes that produce the tones and consistency that is needed in a performance situation  and meet the extremely high standards for my collection.  Ed takes a great deal of pride in his work and it shows".
John DeBoer

flute player
Endorsed by Kenneth Hooper of Elysium Calling
" Ed's flutes are playable works of art. They are responsive, easy to play, produce clear tones, and the tuning is always right on. Ed's customer service is impeccable. He helps you to customize your flutes and stands by his work. I can hardly wait to receive them when they are on their way to me in the mail."
Kenneth Hooper
Elysium Calling
2005 Indian Summer Music Awards in the Native Spirit category

flute player
Endorsed by Evren Ozan
"Dear Ed,
Thank you so much for making the F and D flutes.
The F plays real solid and can really sing.  The little D
is sweet and tender.  They are some of the most beautiful
flutes I've ever seen and I enjoy playing them and
exploring what they can do."
Evren Ozan
2004 Native American Music Award Nominee (Best New Age Recording & Best Instrumental Recording).
2004 Silver Arrow Outstanding Achievement in Music Award 
2003 Silver Arrow Award
2002 Excellence In Music Award
2001 Rising Star Native American Music Award

flute player
Endorsed by Dallas Brown
I want to take a little bit of time to express my feelings towards Spirit of the Woods Flutes. Not only is Ed a great and personable guy, but he makes one of the best Native Flutes in the business and holds the passion for the flute deep in his heart. I currently play in a musical project called Wounded Healer. I play the Native Flute and my guitarist ( Gabriel Edgar ) plays Flamenco / Classical acoustic guitar. When playing the flute with another instrument, it has to be perfectly in tune. It is very important. Not many can make a flute that meets these specs. I can honestly say that Ed's flutes are on the money. This makes recording a much easier process and not only that, the voice of the flutes are supreme. Rest assured that if you buy one of Ed's flutes, Be prepared to be blown away. I'm sure it will be one of your favorite ones in your collection. Thank you Ed for being such a great friend and flute maker. I will continue to tell all I come across how great your flutes are.

Blessed Be,
Dallas Brown

Endorsed by Dan Ricketts
"I first met Ed through a mutual friend. I had heard that he had been able to supply woods and my friend, a flute maker, was trying to obtain different woods than were locally available to him. Ed was very enthusiastic about assisting him and through our conversations I learned that he too was beginning to build flutes. Over a period of a few weeks I learned Ed really had a good grasp of not only how to build a flute but what players were looking for in a quality flute. Finally I decided to order a flute and received a beautiful middle G out of Quilted Redheart Maple with Ebony end caps and Brazilian Ebony bear block.

The flute was stunning to look at and had a strong vibrant voicing, that I prefer, allowing the player to push the notes. At the same time the flute can be played softly while maintaining it's tonal quality. The tone remains sweet and consistent across the dynamic range. I was surprised someone so new to building flutes could produce such a high quality flute. The joints and seams were very clean and the lines from cutting the flute nearly invisible. The finish is like silk and the tuning right on.

Like many other fluties I have a large collection from many of the top makers. The Spirit Of the Woods Flute is on par with any in my collection. I have enjoyed being a confidant as Ed has moved his business off the ground. The best part is knowing that the product he is producing is both high in quality and very affordable. I can recommend a S.O.T.W. Flute without hesitation.
I was also smitten by Ed's beautiful Elk hide flute wraps. I believe my flute was the first he made a wrap for. If you are a fringe fanatic like me, you will need to be sure and order one. I was so impressed with my flute I quickly ordered another. I think this says it all."

Dan Ricketts,
(Fringe Fanatic and The Noisy Bear)

Endorsed By Mark Slater
"Spirit Of The Woods Flutes have a clear voice, are well tuned and beautiful to behold.
I have acquired several flutes from Ed including a High C, High B, Mark Holland Signature Flute, and a Low B and all have met or exceeded my expectations.
I greatly enjoy playing my Spirit Of The Woods Flutes and I am enjoying the musical journeys that I find them to lead me on.
I wanted to thank Peter Phippen for turning me onto Spirit Of The Woods Flutes and Ed for the wonderful works of art he makes."

Mark Slater

Endorsed by Oliver W. Jones (Tah-Ma-Ku-Pah)

"Hi Ed:
The flute arrived in prime condition. I am impressed by the beauty of the woods you choose for your flutes and the general craftsmanship. This flute is constructed with precision and its most impressive feature is tonal quality, crispness but no "breathiness" with any note. I am pleased and honored to have one of your crafted flutes. You clearly devote much time to the quality of your work and it shows in the end result.

Oliver W. Jones (Tah-Ma-Ku-Pah)
Former Founder Board Member of the INAFA

Endorsed by Bob De Mattei

"I got a chance today to get to know my new low Bb flute. I am really pleased with the way this flute turned out. The combination of woods (Port Orford Cedar, Cherry and Wenge) is striking. But what flutes are all about is sound and this flute has a wonderful voice. It is clear and strong and the tuning is right on. The volume remains constant as you run up and down the scale, which allows easy modulation. A pleasant surprise was that the flute was difficult to overblow - unusual for a base flute.

As you know, I have a large collection of flutes - probably over 50. Among these are a number of flutes from well known and well regarded flute makers. My Spirit of the Woods Flute ranks with the best of my collection. Ed, you seem to have hit on that rare combination of making an

In Song,
Bob De Mattei

Endorsed by Bob Bellus
"Dear Ed -
Thanks for the flute you sent this week. What a great piece of work! Nice solid tone, even volume up and down the range, and right on in tune. It's a solid piece of wood, and the leather finish work is a perfect touch. Great bag too! Keep 'em coming!"

Toward Harmony,
Robert Sweetriver Bellus

Endorsed by Twohawks

"Dear Ed,
I received my new Spirit Of The Woods Flute "Little Black Hawk" today and it is just awesome. Since I do public performances the voice and the clarity of the flute are most important to me. This flute not only surpasses my expectations of voice and clarity it is a beautiful piece of work. It is easy to see that much time and patience went into making this instrument. I am honored to be a proud owner of a Spirit of the Woods Flute. I want to thank you for the very personal manner in which you kept me informed on the progress of the flute. I was very impressed that you took the time to call me and keep me apprised of how it was going. If I could say one thing to potential flute buyers it would be this." If you are looking for a wonderful sounding, beautiful flute and very kind and warm personal service then look no further than Spirit of the Woods Flutes and Ed Hrebec."

In Song,
proud member/INAFA

"Dear Ed,
Yes, the flutes arrived and upon my return from a trip to New York we opened the package together.  Oh, my!
Words are inadequate to express the energy and awareness of sacred
presence felt in the flutes.  Philip's is more grounded and strengthening while mine is more ethereal and healing. Together they are awesome!
The storage bags are delightful and add yet another dimension to the flutes.  We plan to smudge the flutes tonight while the moon is still full.
The book arrived yesterday and we have begun learning and feeling the life in the flutes and what they want to express. It's always humbling to learn a new skill and feel the beginner's pleasure at the
simple things - getting all fingers over all the holes; really going from 6 to circle 3 without thinking or hesitating; hearing full sounds without chirping.
Thank you so much for sharing your gift and healing through these sacred flutes."
In stillness,
Carole Ann
Conscious Living Center 
Living the Presence




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